Kapa haka

Ngā Awa e Toru Kapa Haka Group

Ngā Awa e Toru, Menzies College’s vibrant Kapa Haka group, has had an eventful and culturally enriching year in 2023. This report highlights the group’s inclusivity, performances, collaborative efforts, and significant acquisitions. ‘

One of the hallmarks of Ngā Awa e Toru is its commitment to inclusivity. The group embraces a “everyone welcome” ethos, fostering an environment where students from year 07 to year 13 can come together to celebrate and express their cultural heritage. The Tuakana Teina dynamic provides opportunities for mentorship and leadership, with roles such as Kaea allowing students to step into influential leadership positions.

Ngā Awa e Toru had a mesmerizing performance during Matariki, as well as taking center stage at both junior and senior levels during Polyfest, delivering powerful and captivating performances that highlighted the richness of their knowledge and dedication.

In a unique endeavor, Ngā Awa e Toru participated in the Freeze Ya Bits Off Busking Competition, collaborated with Tuturau School, as well performing at Little Ones Kindergarten in Edendale, reinforcing the group’s commitment to building connections, sharing cultural experiences, spreading cultural awareness to younger audiences, and fostering a love for Māori performing arts using their talent to entertain and contribute to the community spirit.

Ngā Awa e Toru maintained a rigorous practice schedule, dedicating specific times at school for rehearsals and utilizing lunch breaks to fine-tune their performances. This commitment is a testament to the passion and discipline of the group members.

This year, the Kapa Haka group invested in new kākahu, patu, and rākau, these additions not only symbolize growth but also signify the group’s commitment to excellence in their craft.

With approximately 50 students participating this year, Ngā Awa e Toru has continued to be a source of cultural pride for Menzies College. Through their performances, collaborations, and commitment to inclusivity, the Kapa Haka has not only enriched the cultural tapestry of the school but has also provided invaluable opportunities for personal and collective growth.

As we reflect on the accomplishments of Ngā Awa e Toru in 2023, we look forward to witnessing the continued success and cultural vibrancy that this group brings to Menzies College in the years to come.